Naruto 666 Chapter – Naruto 666 Spoiler

I think this is better understood by what makes a So6P.naruto 666 The So6P comes from having a full Senju body, Uchiha eyes and Jyuubi chakra – That gives a complete So6P. Of course there can be knock offs (Senju DNA, Uchiha eyes and Jyuubi Chakra)

I put to you that, Madara, Nagato and Obito have not been real So6Ps. I think Nagato is probably the only that came close because he had the body (whole) and the eyes but lacked the Jyuubi chakra to go with the look (so he fell short as well). Madara’s body is not a Senju body – he has a half-baked Senju body. As for Obito he is even worse.


naruto 666 manga

naruto 666 manga


What gives the sage look is the Jyuubi chakra – all the pictures we have pretty much seen of the sage indicates he was already the jin of the Jyuubi.

A Uchiha having the Senju DNA may give the rinnegan but it does not equate to them having a Senju body or a So6P body. It is just an avenue for the rinnegan that’s it. We saw that Naruto (with a true senju body) when he got the Kyuubi chakra he was able to do a So6P level seal. If he ever gets the Jyuubi chakra, I expect his abilities to be amplified way beyond that due to the natural affinity with his body.He’s an Uzumaki, they’re known for their life force and strong chakra. Access to the Uchiha Clan to gain an eye, and free control and manipulation of a clanless child in the middle of a war-torn country are far apart, if Madara had attempted to manipulate an Uchiha from the village, someone might have noticed, particularly if they began sporting the Rinnegan. Nagato was simply an ideal candidate based on abilities and background. They are. The chains linked to the Gedo are another matter entirely, and just because every Uzumaki doesn’t posses it doesn’t mean it isn’t distinct to the clan, every Uchiha doesn’t get to sport a Sharingan, doesn’t change the link between the two.


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