Naruto 665 Chapter – Kishi

Kishi has do to another deus-ex-machina. Seriously,naruto 665 I’ve defended a lot of Kishi’s choices and things that people called “ass-pulls” … But seriously…. Madara coughing out 2 of the ninja tools “because his body felt too heavy” is terrible writing. Terrible. Absolutely awful. Dumb, stupid, short-sighted, lame. An egregious offense to story-tellers everywhere.I can not possibly be expected to believe he sat down and thought: “Hey! I’ll just make Madara cough out these legendary ninja tools, that will ultimately be his downfall. This is so genius!” How incredibly LAZY. Lazy lazy lazy. I’m willing to forgive a lot for the sake of entertainment, but there is a god damn line!


naruto manga 665

naruto manga 665


Sasuke hasn’t been friends with Naruto for years, Naruto simply hung on to the fact that they were friends. Sasuke tried to kill Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi on multiple occasions. Let’s not hide the facts here, Sasuke doesn’t consider Naruto his friend right now.And Sasuke should listen to him? Why is that? Naruto’s credibility holds no weight for me the reader anymore because of how unrealistic it is. Sasuke is the best example of someone in the real world IMO thanks to how his emotions rule him and how he actually thinks. Everyone following Naruto for the most part has been doing so for no reason at all and it’s sickening. Gone are the days when he actually made connections with people like Neji or Gaara, now he just spouts BS out of his mouth and everyone agrees because the plot demands it. This only supports why they need to leave even more. People are the problem and they always will be. You can try and change and educate people but that won’t work %100, so you need to take other measures to make people less dangerous. In this case getting rid of the Biju through death or exile is helping to do that. The human condition is a terrible thing, and it’s a sad truth that we can’t evolve fast enough to stop being our own worst enemies. Last I checked both the Germans and the Japanese hand their armies disbanded, weapons destroyed, and means of creating weapons limited. That’s what Sasuke is trying to do. He’s not killing people, he’s destroying weapons. You can’t blame him for things he and EVERYONE but Naruto don’t know. If Sasuke knew the Biju were sentient, I don’t think he’d against exiling them so long as they could never return to the human world. He’s treating them as weapons, and frankly he’s only after the Juubi which is acting nothing like the Biju. Naruto is the one who wants to risk trying something that might not even work.

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